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Venture Fans Wanted for Venture Bros. Podcast is looking for fans interested in doing a regular podcast on the Venture Brothers. With the new season fast approaching, we look to do a retrospective of the past 4 seasons and discuss future episodes. Once the show premieres on September 12th, we plan to record a weekly recap of show with fans till the season finale. Our goal with this podcast is to feature real fans and record their thoughts on the series as a fan discussion.

Tentatively, we will record the Venture Bros. retrospective on the week of August 23rd. To participate, you’ll need a working microphone, a Skype account and a valid email address.

Please send us your full name and Skype username to or add us on Skype at username VentureBrosBlog.

Deadline for submissions is August 21st.


Skype Account
Email Address

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