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Doc Hammer Bids Farewell to Myspace

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Doc Hammer announces to fans that he’s joined Facebook and bids farewell to Myspace in a blog post. Fans were originally skeptical of the Facebook profile due to Doc Hammer’s allegiance to Myspace. But in the weeks leading up to this post, fans confirmed the authenticity of the account.

“I’m on Facebook, and I did it for you. I realize that most of you love it, but you have to realize that it kinda sucks for me. It’s not really the best place to keep in touch with Astro Cadets, Venturoos, Deaniacs, Orpheites, etc… It’s really set up for people connecting with an actual friend group. But! A man can only get so many ‘Goodbye, I’m off to Facebook’ messages before he packs up his hot-links and blogs to move to a white, gray, and blue one bedroom apartment.”

In the blog post, Doc Hammer invites friends and fans to follow him on Facebook.

View Doc Hammer’s Blog Post on Myspace – Doc Caves to FaceBook
View Doc Hammer’s profile on Facebook – Add as friend

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