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Venture Bros. Art by Charles Holbert Jr.

Venture Bros. art by Charles Holbert Jr., a comic illustrator living in Las Vegas. His artwork centers around fantastic comic book and movie characters rendered in marker and ink.

Vintage Venture Bro by skutterfly worked

The piece above is a collaboration between Charles and Matt Kaufenberg. Recently, the art was used as a backdrop in Sideshow Collectibles’ Molotov Cocktease statue reveal.

“This is an awesome drawing, when I saw it I knew I had to color it. I wanted it to feel like an old Scooby Doo/Johnny Quest poster” — Matt Kaufenberg.

marker Wrath of The Monarch by KidNotorious worked

“‘Wrath of the Monarch’ features The Monarch, Dr.Mrs. the Monarch, Henchman 21, The Murderous Moppets Tim-Tom & Kevin and the ghostly spectre of Henchman 24. First time in a while that I’ve gone old-school Notorious and draw on a comic book backing board” — Charles Holbert Jr.

marker Black Heart Serpentine by KidNotorious worked

“‘Black Heart Serpentine’ is what happens when I spend all night watching Venture Bros. episodes. I just had to make a follow up to my ‘Wrath of the Monarch’ piece, this time it featured Molotov Cocktease, Brock Samson and Colonel Hunter Gathers.” — Charles Holbert Jr.

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