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Venture Bros. Art by Charles Holbert Jr.

Venture Bros. art by Charles Holbert Jr., a comic illustrator living in Las Vegas. His artwork centers around fantastic comic book and movie characters rendered in marker and ink.

The piece above is a collaboration between Charles and Matt Kaufenberg. Recently, the art was used as a backdrop in Sideshow Collectibles’ Molotov Cocktease statue reveal.

“This is an awesome drawing, when I saw it I knew I had to color it. I wanted it to feel like an old Scooby Doo/Johnny Quest poster” — Matt Kaufenberg.

“‘Wrath of the Monarch’ features The Monarch, Dr.Mrs. the Monarch, Henchman 21, The Murderous Moppets Tim-Tom & Kevin and the ghostly spectre of Henchman 24. First time in a while that I’ve gone old-school Notorious and draw on a comic book backing board” — Charles Holbert Jr.

“‘Black Heart Serpentine’ is what happens when I spend all night watching Venture Bros. episodes. I just had to make a follow up to my ‘Wrath of the Monarch’ piece, this time it featured Molotov Cocktease, Brock Samson and Colonel Hunter Gathers.” — Charles Holbert Jr.

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