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Guild of Calamitous Intent Shirt on Think Geek

Welcome to the Guild of Calamitous Intent! You’ll find many other like-minded villains here who understand the necessity of regulated henching in today’s modern society. When you pick up your handbook, be sure to stop by the merchandise table for spectacular t-shirts that advertise your new part in our secret society. Inside the handbook you will find guidance related to the appropriate wearing of said t-shirt. Note that the Raiment Identification Referendum of 1992 states that a guild member in good standing should not wear said t-shirt outside his or her compound where he or she might be recognized, except to official Guild functions. Petitions may be made directly to The Sovereign for laundry day.

  • Officially Licensed Venture Bros. Gear
  • Red Guild of Calamitous Intent insignia on a black
  • 100% Cotton T-Shirt

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