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Venture Bros. Panel at NYCC 2011

jackson publick doc hammer nycc 2011

Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer discuss their original series and answer fan questions submitted to Adult Swim. Doc and Jackson enter IGN Theater in disheveled suits, carrying martinis declaring this to be their new jet setter image. The duo confirm there will be a 5th and 6th season of the Venture Brothers.

Doc Hammer: Instead of telling you things, we’re just going to answer questions that have been submitted.

Question: What will colonel gentleman dress his dog as next?

Doc Hammer: Buildings! The Chrysler building, notre dame, and then he’ll be pissed when he doesn’t win costume contests

Question: What is a rusty venture?

Doc Hammer: It’s when you rub your penis (can I say penis?) red and raw…

Jackson Publick: I think it involves a barrel… And where is that question about who we would like to get a rusty venture from? Shore leave? Dr. Mrs. The Monarch? Helper? Got to take Dr. Mrs. out of the equation. That’s too easy. I’d say Shore Leave- he’d be good at it.

Doc Hammer: I’d go with Gary… think of the orifices… If you oiled him, there would be four or five! The crook of the knee! If there was a glory hole involved, both agree choices may be different.

Question: Is there any truth to the rumor that there’s a rivalry between Doc and Voltaire?

Doc Hammer: We’re good friends! I love him, I’ve made love to him. But he has a habit of getting drunk and talking about me. We’re close friends, in fact we live in a commune together. I borrow his skull sweaters and he borrows my five thousand dollar suits.

Question: Has the success and longevity of the show taken away from your enjoyment of it?

Doc Hammer: In the beginning I did it for the glory and lines of coke off whores. Now I get up and watch marathons of America’s Next Top Model, get coffee, sit at my computer and stare at cobwebs.

Also, I don’t have the Internet at my house. I’m afraid I’d get a fake email and annoy myself. Also, I just got my cat’s ashes back and I don’t know what to do with them.

We were gonna make them into Pixie Stix and bring them. Or put them in a pepper shaker and feed them to my other pets. Or eat them myself and imagine what part I’m eating.

Question: Why if the monarch escaped from prison was he just allowed to walk out when he was brought back?

Doc Hammer: Nobody wants him in prison! Or he immediately offered his anus as a fun box.

Question: How do I find the Easter eggs on my season one DVD?!?

Jackson Publick: Do you really think if we did something cool we’d HIDE it?

Doc Hammer: Have you seen our “extras”? It’s just us walking around!

Hammer asks Publick: Do you have stuff on your refrigerator?

Jackson Publick: No, my refrigerator is not magnetic! There is one sweet spot, someone gave me a Hellboy magnet, but it won’t stay up because there’s too much Hellboy. Why are you asking me?

Hammer explains his apartment: Refrigerator is covered, there is one bottle of water in it, he’s lived there since he was sixteen, his upstairs neighbor’s middle name is ‘the cat’ and there’s a kept mafia woman in his building too. There are lots of old people and they’ve been slowly disappearing.

Question: If the season four finale had been 22 minutes what would it have been like?

Doc Hammer: No Shallow Gravy, no lots of stuff, glad we had more time.

Hammer asks Publick: Do you still keep a moleskin of ideas? I keep lists on my phone. I have one of phrases I hate.

Hot mess, totes, literally when it’s not a literal situation, IMHO – it’s like saying I’m a giant douchebag, redonkulous, awesome sauce, in your face – that’s like dorito bag talk, rocking out

Most of these were thought of while watching Millionaire Matchmaker…

Conversate, underwhelmed – what is whelming?, meh, sick puppy, big time, take it to the next level, get your ‘blank’ on, go big or go home.

You’re allowed to say these things, just don’t say them to me.

Any one that says go big or go home, I guarantee they go home!

Wow factor – even when Tim Gunn says it I feel uncomfortable.

Pure win, how can there be different stages of win?

I’m reading this off a pink phone, I’ve got issues here. This is not the word of god, people…

Rawk, with a W

Bring your A game

Jackson Publick: There should be some not sports, nerd person phrases for encouragement.

Question: Now that don’t ask don’t tell has been repealed will more members of SPHINX come out?

Jackson Publick: Maybe? It helps to be gay in SPHINX!

Question: Will there ever be an all musical episode?

Doc Hammer: Do you all want that?!? I hated musicals. I loved My Fair Lady for the costumes, but I kept wondering when they would stop singing! Plus that’s just too much pre-production.

Question: Will we ever find out who Doc Venture’s mother is?

Doc Hammer: That will happen on the show if it happens at all. Seriously people, don’t ask us what is going to happen!

Publick notices two audience members dressed as them….

Doc Hammer: whoa, that’s a first. I may need to make love to myself.

Question: are you wanting any one specific for guest voices.

Doc Hammer: David Bowie

Jackson Publick: Jon Hamm

Q to Hammer: Where do you get your hair done like that?

Doc Hammer: If you come look at my roots you will be sorely disappointed, have you seen pictures of me? It’s always like this! I would have to bleach it twice a day to keep up. My scalp would be red and raw, like a Rusty Venture. My pubic hair however, is just brown. But it has no curl to it.

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Photo Credit: Kyle Gallagher

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