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Brock Samson Cosplay Tutorial

brock samson cosplay photo by venture bros blog

If you’re looking to start in costumed aggression, there’s no more appropriate Venture Bros. cosplay than Brock Samson. We’re going to focus on the original Brock outfit here, a costume you can create purely off-the-rack, which is great for beginners. There will be small creative suggestions on some items, but not in detail since the focus of this tutorial is ready-made costuming. As easy as this will be to put together, this is not an outfit to be worn casually, you’ll need to adapt the Swedish Murder Machine mentality to sell it. We recommend getting your OSI License to Kill first, click the link below for that. What? You didn’t think portraying Brock F-ing Samson was going to be that simple, right? Oh, you did. Well then, let’s get your training started. You can’t rock this if you’re as soft as a wad of cookie dough.

» Click to get Brock Samson’s OSI License to Kill

List of Items Needed:

1-Penguin Shirt
2-Green Pants
3-White Slide Shoes
4-Mullet & Sideburns
5-White Belt
6-Bowie Knife


Penguin Shirt: This can be found at several major retailers and on the web. The key to finding this polo is that the style is called ‘The Earl’, don’t just type in Penguin Polo or you’ll sift through everything else made by the brand. You want the solid black with the white trim. They run around $60 retail, but are sometimes found for less on sale or sites like eBay.

*Additionally, if you’re down with crafting, you can modify a far cheaper black polo. You’ll just have to add the white trim on the sleeve cuffs, around the collar edge, and outlining the chest button placket. This can be done through a variety of ways: sewing white cloth or bias tape to the shirt, masking off the lines with tape & using many layers of fabric paint, or cutting down iron-on fabric tape(comes in a one inch width) and applying that to the edges. All the products for those options can be purchased at a local fabric store or Jo-ann’s, just ask a salesperson where to find them.

Green Pants: I would recommend green khakis for this one, they’ll have the look and the bonus of comfort. Finding ones the pea pod shade that Brock wears is the tricky part, but you can fall back on the traditional army green if you cannot.

If you’re going for accuracy and want the ‘split pea soup’ green, you can always create your own. You can either procure fabric and sew pants, or purchase white ones and dye them. If you go the dyeing route, RIT liquid dye is best for mixing and easier than the dry. Also, RIT has an amazing color formula chart on their website to help you know what to buy to make the shade you desire. The formula I recommend is #41 under the Yellow-Green chart, #263 if you want a lighter look or depending on the material. Read all the fabric recommendations and dyeing advice on the site before starting, dyeing can be full of surprising results without proper preparations.

White Shoes: Brock wears a white loafer/slide shoe. These can be found all over for very little in a canvas material. If you want leather or the look of such, you’ll have to fork out more and they’ll be more accessible in internet stores.

*Crafters can always find used slide shoes at a Goodwill or thrift store and add white fabric paint(Tulip brand matte sheen) to get the right color on a leather or synthetic pair. Just be sure to clean the shoes thoroughly with rubbing alcohol before applying paint. It should take 3-4 thin layers to get a solid coat. A sponge tip brush will give the smoothest application; they are sold in packs in dollar, hardware, and craft stores.

Murderous Mullet: To achieve Brock in all his glory, a luscious mane of blonde hair will be the cherry on top. If you cannot find a proper mullet wig easily, a curly shoulder length ladies one will do. Then you can just trim back the sides to get the right ‘business in front/party in the back’ appearance only this hairstyle can channel. You can try costume stores or places like Party City for basic ones, a wig store if you want to go higher end in quality and pricing. Also, don’t forget the fake sideburns! The best way to apply those babies is with a magical product called Spirit Glue. Pick up the pack that carries the remover in it as well. This retails around $6 at most costume/party stores.

White Belt: Do not confuse Samson with the average hipster, he donned a white belt before any of them were even born. This should be an easy find and his is plain with a silver rectangular buckle. You can go the leather/synthetic route, but it will probably come with an open buckle face instead. Brock’s belt looks to be the fabric variety with the solid steel slide buckle-which is a military style.

*Having trouble finding the right white belt? Purchase a proper black one and use about 4 layers of Tulip matte fabric paint to turn it white.

Bowie Knife: There’s two ways you can go with this, the real route or the toy one. A prop is best since you can carry it unsheathed, pose with it in your mouth and a violent twinkle in your eye, and generally be less likely to dismember anyone accidentally. This is typically called a Bowie (I half wonder if  Doc Hammer chose it out of his sheer love for David) or a survival knife. It is common so it can be found in costume and even some toy stores. Online will give you a broader selection in style and price. Some may choose the real thing since they come in the same price range, but you will be limited to keeping it in its holster. Conventions have a weapons policy and true ones must be ‘peace-bonded’ at all times. If you go the holstered route, make sure it sits in a golden brown leather look one.

brock samson cosplay photo credit venture brosblog 02


Muscles: If you’re not built with a similar physique as Brock, one way you can fake it is with a classic ‘muscle shirt’. Many costumers carry these, it’s a shirt padded just so, so that when worn under his Penguin Polo, it’ll give the bulk you’re looking for.

Communicator Watch: Since this is a pure from scratch item, it doesn’t fall under the parameters for this tutorial.  We’ll have a step-by-step guide for one coming soon, so check back!

Written by Susan Blix, Venture Bros. Cosplay

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