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Mantiseye Interview with Doc & Jackson

jackson publick doc hammer mantiseye

The Mantiseye Experiment has some post New York Comic Con videos with Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer of the Venture Brothers.

After much delay I finally got off my butt and edited some of the Q&A I did with Jackson and Doc back around NYCC. These two clips are the beginning and end of the full interview (the video for the middle section is not really usable) and are chock full of info about the show and some info about nothing at all. I will have an audio-only version of the full thing up sometime in the near future. Until then enjoy some shaky cam!

In part one they discuss the potential for new Shallow Gravy music, how making season five is going (and how they hope it will differ from season four) and give some advice for budding writers.

In part two, below, they talk about their next big project (kind of, not really) and their love for and experience with their adoring fans.

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