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Christmas Sing-Along Contest Winners 2011

rachel elise sigman mike theopano

We barely gave you Venturoos any notice and worst yet we set it at potentially the busiest time of year but that didn’t mean some didn’t rise to the challenge. Of the Christmas videos shared one certainly made everyone smile. It featured the fan favorite Hard Candy Christmas as song by 21, 24 and the Monarch.

The winner of the 2011 Venture Brothers Christmas Karaoke contest is… envelope please…

Rachel Elise Sigman and Mike Theopano for their live action rendition of Hard Candy Christmas.

If you haven’t seen this video and it’s many outtakes you can and should watch it. We can’t imagine how much time it took and how frustrated they may have gotten while trying to remember lines and synchronize themselves to the song. We appreciate all the hard work! As an extra bonus besides the miniature Venture Bros. vehicles and the his and hers henchman masks we are adding a fresh roll of scotch tape, in case Rachel decides to cosplay the Monarch again.

rachel elise sigman

On behalf of the entire Venture Brothers fan community, we thank you for sharing!

venture bros christmas ornaments

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