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Venture Bros. Year In Review 2011

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As this year comes to a close, we a look back at the Venture news and interviews that made 2011. Below is a selection of some of our favorite moments from this year. Highlights include Bif Bang Pow’s Venture Bros. toyline ; 2011 Convention Coverage; Venture Party at Dragon*Con; Teasers and Trailers; Home Video Release; Creator Interviews and more! And with Venture Bros. Season 5 in the works… the Future is WOW!

sideshow collectiblesBrock Samson Statue by Sideshow Collectibles
Revealed last month in 12 Days of Sideshow, a sneak peek at the Brock Samson and Molotov Cocktease statues by Sideshow Collectibles. Posted this week online is a closer look at the Brock Samson collectible. According to Sideshow’s website, the statues are will be available for pre-order starting February 3rd. [read more]

jg thirlwell manorexiaJG Thirlwell’s Manorexia Live – January 9th
JG Thirlwell’s Manorexia will be playing a rare show on a bill with Californian string ensemble Calder Quartet at Le Poisson Rouge on January 9 2011. Manorexia will be premiering some new arrangements, including some works from the forthcoming surround sound Manorexia album “Dinoflagellate Blooms”. [read more]

too art for tv 5Too Art For TV 5 – March 25th
Erebuni Gallery, in collaboration with the curating group BunnyCutlet, is proud to host the fifth annual showing of Too Art for TV, an exhibition featuring exceptional new works from 40 animation industry artists. After it’s first opening in 2006, Too Art for TV has become an important and reliable outlet for New York [read more]

venture bros prototypesA Closer Look at New Venture Bros. Prototypes
Posted on Adult Swim’s Facebook page is a closer look at new Venture Bros. action figure prototypes. Bif Bang Pow debuted 6 new prototypes at the 2011 American International Toy Fair. The new action figures include Dr. Venture Sr., Rusty Venture, Molotov Cocktease, Billy Quizboy, Dr. Henry Killinger [read more]

weep valentinesWEEP – The Passion of Lovers
Remember in grade school when you would be forced to give everyone in your class a Valentine, and by the end of the day you’d have this pile of cards all professing unflinching devotion? Well now that you’re grown up you’re lucky to get a Snickers with a Post-it attached to it reading “Here is some candy.” WEEP [read more]

venture bros nonsekAdult Swim T-Shirt Remixer by Nonsek
The distinctive world of Adult Swim is about to get remixed. Adult Swim has teamed up with Nonsek Remix, the innovative custom apparel designer. Adult Swim fans can “remix” their favorite characters from shows like Robot Chicken, Metalocalypse, The Venture Bros. and Squidbillies to create altogether new and unique art [read more]

superjailSuperjail! Season 2 Premiere – April 3rd
The hit series Superjail! is getting slammed back in general population for a second season of destruction premiering Sunday, April 3 at midnight (ET, PT) on Adult Swim. Double the insanity. Double the crazy. Double the pain of being kicked in the guts really hard. Season 2 makes Season 1—which had a body [read more]

adult swim ragbag of jollification flunkoAdult Swim’s Ragbag of Jollification Carnival
Adult Swim Presents: The Ragbag of Jollification, 10-City Carnival Tour Kicks Off March 30! Games of Skill and Chance, Live Music, and Free Crap Invade College Towns! Come one, come all! Sideshow curiosities! Swag! Food! Balloons! Indie rock! Hip-hop! Freak shows! Exclamation points! Adult Swim packs up the trailer and [read more]

cross hatch carouselMoCCA: The Cross Hatch Carousel – April 9th
MoCCA Presents, The Cross Hatch Carousel, cartoon slide shows presented by Kate Beaton, Lisa Hanawalt, Michael Kupperman, Jeffrey Lewis, Ted Stearn, hosted by R. Sikoryak. Special guest voices Adam Conover, Julie Klausner, and Jackson Publick. For more information on The Cross Hatch Carousel [read more]

jackson publick contract confirmedAdult Swim Renews The Venture Bros.
Jackson Publick posted a new blog entry to Publick Nuisance. Entitled ‘Countdown To Wow-Town‘, Jackson writes that they have recently signed a new contract with Adult Swim for two more seasons and that they have officially started writing new episodes. With the new contract is a 60 to 90 minute Venture Bros. special; It is unclear [read more]

venture bros home video releaseS4V2 on DVD and Season 4 on Blu-ray
Fans of The Venture Bros. have reason to rejoice on March 22, when Adult Swim releases the long-awaited Season 4, Volume 2 on DVD, and the entire Season 4 on Blu-ray. Bonus features abound on the DVD, and the Blu-ray will include deleted scenes and commentary tracks for each episode. Experience all the highs, lows, [read more]

molotov cocktease sideshow collectiblesMolotov Cocktease Collectible Statue Revealed
Sideshow Collectibles reveals an exclusive Molotov Statue will be available for Pre-Order through the Sideshow Newsletter on Thursday, April 28th, which is typically published between 2PM and 3PM (Pacific Time). The Exclusive Molotov Statue, which will include a switch-out left arm with ‘come hither’ hand will be priced [read more]

adult swim logoVenture Bros. Special Premieres July 24th
New bump reveals upcoming premiere dates of shows on Adult Swim. 2011 premiere dates include Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Childrens Hospital, Mongo Wrestling Alliance, NTSF:SD:SUV, Venture Bros. Special, Squidbillies, Robot Chicken and two mystery shows in October. The Venture Bros. Special is scheduled to [read more]

upfront eventAdult Swim Upfront Event
Adult Swim celebrated a new slate of programming for the 2011-12 season last night during their star-studded annual Upfront event in New York City. Coming off a stellar first quarter, in which the network added an hour of primetime to its schedule. Adult Swim Announces New Programming Line-Up, New Series and [read more]

rusty venture lunchExclusive Look at Rusty Venture Lunch Box
Toy makers Bif Bang Pow gives us an exclusive look at the new Rusty Venture action figure set and lunch box. Action figures revealed as a convention exclusive for San Diego and New York Comic Con 2011. The set includes young Rusty Venture and Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. and comes with a limited edition “Tin Tote.” The Rusty [read more]

shallow gravyVenture Bros. Special Airs – August 28th
The Venture Bros. Special ‘From The Ladle To The Grave: The Story of Shallow Gravy’ will premiere on August 28th at midnight. According to Adult Swim’s on-air schedule, four episodes will air leading up to the special. Episodes include the season four finale of ‘Operation P.R.O.M.’ and ‘Everybody Comes to Hanks.’ Also [read more]

panelAdult Swim: Venture Bros. Panel Video
Released on is official footage from the Venture Bros. panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Jackson Publick, Doc Hammer and James Urbaniak grab the mic and drop truth bombs on the Comic-Con fanbase. Venture Bros. panel was recorded on Friday, July 22, 2011 at the Hyatt Indigo Ballroom. [read more]

venture bros panel1Photos & Highlights From Venture Bros. Panel
Venture Bros. creators, Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer debut the new Shallow Gravy music video at San Diego Comic-Con. Joined by James Urbaniak, the voice of Dr. Venture, they discuss the new documentary-styled special ‘From the Ladle to the Grave: The Story of Shallow Gravy.’ The special is a 15-minute [read more]

new venture bros figures1New Venture Bros. Action Figures at SDCC
Entertainment Earth and Bif Bang Pow revealed new Venture Bros. 3-3/4″ scale action figures at San Diego Comic-Con. The prototypes on display include Brock Samson, Dr. Mrs. the Monarch and Hank and Dean Venture. The figures are about the same size as Star Wars action figures and come with an assortment of [read more]

venture bros costume contest 600Venture Bros. Costume Contest at SDCC
Released on Adult Swim is video footage from the Venture Bros. Costume Contest at San Diego Comic-Con. Hosted by Jackson Publick and Doc hammer and juried by James Urbaniak and Mathew Senreich, contestants received original production art from the Venture Brothers. This Adult Swim lounge party was [read more]

shallow gravy 05Shallow Gravy Week on Adult Swim
See the Venture Family as you’ve never seen them before: in a 15-minute documentary-style animated special. Follow the meteoric rise, the equally meteoric fall, and the decidedly un-meteor-like second coming of the most important band Hank Venture, Dermott Fitctel and H.E.L.P.eR. robot have ever been in: Shallow Gravy. If [read more]

adult swim jason lenzi2Venture Bros. Toy Interview with Jason Lenzi
Bif Bang Pow! co-founder Jason Lenzi walks us through the future additions to your Venture Bros. toy collection in a video by Adult Swim. Order your Venture Bros. action figures today Entertainment Earth!
Visit for product updates and specific character announcements. [read more]

venture bros action figures wave two 02 Venture Bros. Action Figure Toy Review
Released at San Diego Comic-Con is the new wave of Venture Bros. action figures by Bif Bang Pow. Figures include Dr. Orpheus, Phantom Limb, Dr. Girlfriend and Hank Venture. Also released is the Rusty Venture action figure set and lunch box. All figures are fully articulated and come with fabric clothing and some accessories. [read more]

adult swim sdcc photos Venture Bros. Costume Contest Photos
Released on Adult Swim are more photos from San Diego Comic-Con 2011! Photos include panels, signings, lounge events and more. Below is a selection of Venture Bros. related pics from the convention. For full gallery visit Adult Swim’s SDCC 2011 Coverage Page. Discuss this story in our Venture Forums! Follow [read more]

venture bros action figuresVenture Bros. 3-3/4 Scale Figures Pending
Your pre-order for these characters has never been more important! We need to hit a certain number of pre-orders before production can begin and that’s where you come in! Pre-order the figures from this list or ask your favorite comic and toy shops to order the figures for their store. Your credit card will not be charged [read more]

venture bros panel dragoncon 2011Venture Bros. Panel at Dragon*Con 2011
Venture Brothers panel video from Dragon*Con 2011! Venture Bros. co-creator, Doc Hammer and actor, James Urbaniak talk to the fans about new seasons, voice acting and the writing process. Recorded by super fan Cecilia Holman on September 4th at the Marriott Atrium Ballroom at Dragon*Con 2011. [read more]

quiet time with doc hammerQuiet Time with Doc Hammer at Dragon*Con
Quiet Time with Doc Hammer, an intimate discussion with fans at Dragon*Con. Watch the panel video below and learn about Doc’s career, the many voices he does on the Venture Bros., and his list of guilty pleasure cartoons. Hosted by Marc Ilagan of the Venture Bros. Blog on Friday, September 2, 2011 at Dragon*Con. [read more]

venture party 2011Venture Party at Dragon*Con 2011
Video and pictures from Venture Party at Dragon*Con 2011! Fans gather at Marriott Pulse Bar and Lounge to celebrate the animated series and show off their costume making skills. Doc Hammer and James Urbaniak stop by the party for a signing and pictorial with fans. Fans at the party were also treated to a costume [read more]

venture bros panel nycc 2011Venture Bros. Panel Video from NYCC 2011
Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer field questions from fans via the Internet and in person at New York Comic Con’s Venture Brothers panel at IGN Theater. Panel video recorded on Friday, October 14th, 2011 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York. Discuss this story in our Venture Forums! Follow [read more]

venture bros press panel nycc 2011Venture Bros. Press Panel at NYCC 2011
Venture Brothers Press Panel with Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer at New York Comic Con 2011. Doc and Jackson answer questions about the animated series, story arcs and the writing process. Discuss this story in our Venture Forums! Follow @VentureBrosBlog on Twitter and be sure to “LIKE” us on Facebook for the [read more]

venture bros halloweenVenture Bros. Pumpkin Carving Contest 2011
Submit your Halloween jack o’lantern in our Venture Bros. Pumpkin Carving Contest! Best Venture Brothers themed jack o’lantern wins a very special prize from the Venture Bros. Blog. To enter, upload a picture of your jack o’lantern to our Facebook Wall. Deadline for submissions is 12 midnight, October 31st. Contest [read more]

carousel the science editionCarousel: The Science Edition
Cartoon slide shows with scientific themes by Aaron Diaz, Tim Kreider, Michael Kupperman, Roxanne Palmer, Doug Skinner, Kriota Willberg, and more! Special guest voice, Jackson Publick of the Venture Brothers. Hosted by R. Sikoryak. Wednesday, October 5, 2011 7:30 pm. At Dixon Place, 161A Chrystie St [read more]

christmas catalog 2011Venture Brothers Christmas Catalog 2011
With Christmas just around the corner, here’s our Christmas Catalog of officially licensed Venture Brothers merchandise from Adult Swim Shop. Black Friday sucks, so here’s our handy guide to Christmas shopping online. Discuss this story in our Venture Forums! Follow @VentureBrosBlog on Twitter and be sure to “LIKE” us [read more]

sideshow collectibles statue releaseSideshow Collectibles’ Brock Samson Release
Launching Sideshow’s Venture Bros. collectible line, the Brock Samson Statue depicts the Walking Swedish Murder Machine in outstanding detail, down to his trademark mullet. Crafted in 1:5 scale, each piece is individually painted and finished, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a [read more]

rudy casoni1Rudy Casoni Xmas Boozebag Revue
Rudy Casoni: Xmas Boozebag Revue is a Christmas Variety Show starring Toby Huss, Kate Flannery, Maura Murphy, James Urbaniak, Kelly Rae Cole, Scot Robinson, Barbara Ann Duffy, David Higgins, Renee Albert, Vera Duffy, Scot Nery, Billy the Mime, Mark Fite, Syd Straw and Pat Healy. This year’s Christmas Show was [read more]

xmas regiftingJackson Publick Christmas Re-Gifting
Jackson Publick posted a new blog entries this week on Publick Nuisance. Entitled “Re-Gifting,” Jackson shares old comic book art from the AstroArchives.’Have been on a bit of a cleaning spree at both the AstroBase and my home satellite Base (AstroBase Ice Cream Ninja) in some sort of procrastinatory “clean home, clean [read more]

christmas single 2011The Venture Brothers Christmas Single 2011
This year, we get a heartwarming duet from The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch in “Baby It’s Cold In Here.” Baby, It’s Cold Outside was written by Frank Loesser. Originally, it was never intended to be a Christmas song. In its early years it was played year round. In recent years, however, it was recorded by numerous Adult [read more]

Thanks for a great year! Have a scientastic 2012! Happy New Year!

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