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Episode Recap of Season Finale – Operation: P.R.O.M.

operation prom 02

In the season four finale of the Venture Bros, we learn what type of prom $500.00 can buy. Of course, it becomes much more then your average “home school” prom. Cue the villains, some super science Spanish Fly, and a bet to see what exactly is a “Rusty Venture.”

The episode starts off in the Compound with Rusty handing out “important missions” like refreshments and decorations to everyone from Pete to the Triad. Hatred now has the word “Venture” tattooed in blue down his body. Cut to Hunter and Sky Pilot flying to the OSI in the huge S.P.H.I.N.X. statue. An unconscious Monstroso is lying on a table. Hunter is sent down to the OSI in a sarcophagus.

At the Compound, Pete and Billy argue over music, the punch gets spiked, and Rusty’s mad he spent $200.00 on a “frozen water” sculpture. Outside, 21 is trying to bury 24’s skull. 24 (with his ghost assistant “Mr. Wendal” at his side) tells 21 he would leave him alone if his murder was solved. Meanwhile, Hatred and Shore Leave are having a sniper duel over 21. After having a bullet graze him and getting his wings shot off, he gets hit directly in the chest. Good thing he bought himself the fancy body armor the Monarch wouldn’t.

doctor venture orders

Brock has the job of driving the boys to pick up their dates. Dean’s is a “just as friends” date with Triana. While the Outrider takes pictures, Triana’s boyfriend (the embodiment of every tragic emo type) shows up on crutches. Hank’s reaction is to curse. When Brock looks at him, Hank says it’s all part of the “new Hank.” Hank’s date is next. Since he’s trying to pick up the 46 year old Mail lady, things don’t go as he hoped.

Meanwhile, Rusty is on the phone ordering six whores. He explains to Billy his dad had porn stars at his prom, but wound up slow dancing with H.E.L.P.eR. After arguing over prices, Billy says he’s help pay if one of the prostitutes dress up like Hawk Girl. At the Cocoon, the Moppets tell the Monarch 21 went to the Compound and he paid them $20.00 not to tell. The Monarch figures 21 must have a good reason.

21 wakes up at S.P.H.I.N.X. headquarters. Monstroso’s body is there and Shore Leave explains that they’re tricking the OSI with a fake. Shore Leave prepares to wipe 21’s memory but Monstroso henchmen show up at the Compound gates. Since most of the team is with Hunter, he recruits 21 to help.

treister gathers wrestle 03

At the OSI, Hunter notices the halls are destroyed, but Doe and Cardholder refuse to explain. He’s taken to Treister’s office where they wrestle for Monstroso and for S.P.H.I.N.X. to be removed from the most wanted list. After Hunter wins, he mentions Monstroso talked about Guild moles inside the OSI. Treister gets angry, grabs his chest, and tells Hunter to leave. Cardholder and Doe run in to attack Hunter as Tresiter collapses. When Hunter wakes up, he sees Treister restrained in some sort of blob. He apologizes and tells Hunter he’s a Hulk. He’s responsible for all the destruction and needs to take medicine to control the Hulk within.

In the limo, Hank and Dean find out Kim is now all “preppy and Christian-y.” They spot Dermott on the side of the road and invite him to the prom. He accepts as long as it’s not as “gay” as a regular prom and if his band Shallow Gravy can play. Hank calls Dermott his date.

Monstroso’s henchmen are ready to attack. Al thinks it’s just a hired band for the prom. Familiar with a weak spot in the electric fence, 21 goes to stop them. Shore Leave warns him not to hurt Al. 21 insists he’s not a good guy, but Shore Leave won’t listen and tells him he is a good guy “now scoot!” Brock pulls up with the boys, running over the bodies of Monstroso’s men. It turns out one of the dead was Monarch’s henchman 28, who recognizes 24. Confused, the newly deceased henchmen says he heard 24 was dead.

In the Monarch Mobile, the Monarch learns the car doesn’t turn have a submarine mode, but it does have cup holders. They travel through sewers using 21’s map. As the car is submerging, they bail only to remember they left their hostage in the trunk.

dr venture with prom escorts

The hookers arrive and the prom starts while Pete plays DJ. Everyone from Rusty to 21 tries to pick up the women. 24 makes fun of 21’s technique and asks him if he’s going to make the hooker “feel your armpits for cancer lumps.” Dermott complains the prom is lame while Dean’s upset over Triana not being his girlfriend. The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. the Monarch show up and confront Hatred. They want 21 back, and they have their own hostage, a bound and gagged Princess Tinyfeet. When Hatred gets angry, they explain she’s “way into bondage.” She had the gag in her mouth when they found her and she wanted to be put in the trunk. Hatred decides to let them in, only if they change into something more prom appropriate. He asks the Monarch if he’s around a size “Doc.”

As Rusty tries to introduce himself to a woman, she slaps him in the face. Al and Shore Leave tell him his name is a sex act. They argue over what exactly a “Rusty Venture” is. Placing a bet (with the prize being a “Rusty Venture”) they call Colonel Gentleman who talks about scuba snorkels and uses multiple censored words to explain what he thinks it is. He also claims to have invented it. They call Watch and Ward who give their bleeped out version of the act, but they’re not sure either.

Back at the prom, the Monarch enters the Hanger wearing Rusty’s tuxedo from Showdown at Cremation Creek. Al asks Triana what she thinks a “Rusty Venture” is. After Triana’s half bleeped out answer, Dean flips out and asks her if she would like him if he put “poo-poo on his pee-pee.” She calls him an asshole and storms off. In the lab, Rusty is making a super science Spanish Fly mix from an actual mutated fly.

operation prom 011

At the OSI, Treister explains he has cancer and underwent gamma radiation which turned his into a Hulk. Once Hunter’s alone with Cardholder and Doe, they tell him since Treister is dying, they made up the Hulk story. They let it slip that once Washington realizes Treister’s crazy, the OSI will be under their control. Realizing they’re the Guild moles, Hunter tries to call Sky Pilot, but he crashed into the OSI’s flying headquarters after running out of fuel.

24 is upset that 21 is hanging out with the Ventures and not avenging his death. Dr. O comes over and 21 is surprised he can’t see 24 or “Mr. Wendal.” Dr. O is sure Mr. Wendall is still alive and asks Jefferson. When this sinks in, both 24 and Mr. Wendal ( Baja Oje from the group Arrested Development) disappear and 21 cries on Dr. O’s shoulder.

Meanwhile, Brock is busy with one of the hookers. The subject of what a “Rusty Venture” is comes up and Brock says it’s when you jerk-off too many times and your dick gets red and sore. But he mentions he’s cool with an “Action Jonny.” He takes her into the S.P.H.I.N.X. headquarters and tells the guard to leave. The guard shots Brock with a tranquilizer dart and tells the girl to go back to the party. The guard takes off her helmet and it’s Molotov Cocktease.

Sky Pilot is in a cell with Hunter. All the crew was ejected when the plane crashed and Monstroso’s still on board. Hunter thinks Cardholder and Doe will kill him and he’s taken away.

the venture brothers and dermott

Dermott and Hank try to help Dean win Triana back, even though Dermott says she’s “too hot” for him. The Monarch finds 21 and tells him it’s time to get down to arching. 21 explains that he’s not arching, he likes the Ventures and he wants to quit. He goes on rant about talking to his friend’s skull, trying to bury it, and that he’s in love with Dr. Mrs. the Monarch. She admits they got drunk and kissed. The Monarch isn’t phased. After all, they’re villains. They have threesomes and other freaky sex all the time. 21 is disgusted, and screams “you guys are nuts.” He storms off and the Monarch takes credit for making a scene and ruining the prom. He tries to leave via smoke bomb that doesn’t work.

Outside S.P.H.I.N.X. headquarters, Molotov is trying to shove Monstroso in the limo while Al, Shore Leave, and Brock try to stop her. Brock grab’s Pete and Billy’s cycle and takes off after her. As he’s chasing her, he passes the boys talking about making Dean goth for Triana. Brock gets to a fork in the road, passes Mol, jumps into the sunroof, and holds a knife to her neck. Mol stops short and Brock flies out the window. She goes to drive away but the limo is stuck hanging off a cliff.

Hunter meets with Treister who’s dressed in an American flag toga. Hunter tells him the truth about Cardholder and Doe and about him not being a Hulk. Treister admits he already knows all of this. Treister explains that he has “pee-pee” cancer and wants to retire. He wants Hunter to take over the OSI. Convinced that only alien technology can cure him, Treister shots himself into space.

At the prom, the King and Queen are announced. Hank and Dean win, but since they’re not around, the crowns go to the newly reunited Hatred and Princess Tinyfeet.

brock samson knife hanger

Brock and Mol talk while the limo is still stuck on the cliff. He calls her a cold hearted bitch and she throws down her chastity belt. Brock thinks he finally got a chance with her when she admits she’s in love with Monstroso and the whores at the prom are really Blackhearts. Brock tries to tell her she’s never get Monstroso out of the limo without it falling. She says she’d rather die then be without him and the car goes off the cliff and explodes.

All the guys at the Compound are dancing with the hookers. Brock runs in to stop them from attacking and is surprised to see the girls cozying up to the guys. Rusty flashes him the Spanish Fly serum and in that second all the girls start to puke and turn into grotesque human/fly things. Brock moves in with his knife.

After the credits, the boys arrive at Triana’s house. They have a big “Triana” made out of wood in her front yard. Dean has his “gothic” clothes on. (a ghost costume) Dermott lights the Triana and instead of the whole thing burning, only the T goes up. It looks really bad. The Outrider tries to tell Dean to move on. Dean’s reply: a big ole “Fuck you!”


Rusty’s watch problems. “The time is …Tetris?”

Hunter says he was “nozzled” when he entered the OSI headquarters.

Dean telling Triana his real date couldn’t make it because “her grandma had mange.”

The Moppets threatening to whiz on 21’s brain.

The “Rusty Venture” sex act. I’m taking Brock’s word on this.

Hatred riding Princess Tinyfeet around the prom.

Is it possible that 21 will be a new Venture bodyguard or S.P.H.I.N.X. agent?

the venture bros will return

The Venture Bros. Will Return…

— Jennifer Amlie

Review by Jennifer Amlie, Junior Writer – The Venture Bros. Blog

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