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Episode Review Season Finale – Operation: P.R.O.M.

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I’ve attended a total of six proms in my lifetime, and none of them were as intense, uncomfortable, bizarre and enjoyable as the finale of season 4 (not even the one that ended in a really awkward three-way [and that’s some S.P.H.I.N.X. level honesty]).

There isn’t too much to dissect in this episode; it was a straight-forward action-packed celebration. Several long-term burning questions were answered, many joyous reunions occurred, a few of our friends showed some serious growth and backbone, while others proved that the more things change, the more they stay the same. This episode, unlike many finales which tend toward cliff-hangers, was all about resolution.

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On the fluffier side, we finally know what happened to Triana’s friend Kim. Fans have been asking of her whereabouts for years now, and Doc and Jackson have insisted she will not return. We learn she got into drugs, then cleaned up and found Jesus! Funny the way those things go hand in hand sometimes…

The return of notably absent characters included Jefferson, the Nozzle, The Outrider (accompanied by the stoically silent Tat’yana) and of course, Triana herself. Did anyone else think her boyfriend bared a resemblance to Adam Ant? Colonel Gentleman made a brief cameo and Hatred was reunited with Princess Tiny Feet, setting a somewhat uncomfortable, rape-y tone for the entire episode. And finally, Molotov Cocktease reappeared.

Obviously the most important occurrences in P.R.O.M. dealt with Gary, Brock, Dean and Hunter. Gary realized a place he could be useful, fulfilled and happy, surrounded by people that actually like him, and with Orpheus’ help, he was able to give up the ghost of 24. Brock was finally able to confront Molotov and let go of the idea of chasing her; good, god damn it! Brock’s heart is too righteous to love someone as purely villainous as Molotov turned out to be. Dean found his back bone. I cheered when he cursed out the Outrider, even though the man didn’t really deserve to be the recipient of Dean’s anger. Perhaps the most significant item in terms of plot direction is, of course, how Hunter Gathers ended up at the helm of O.S.I. The many layers built into this storyline were truly fantastic—this was espionage drama at its finest.

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Two more minor but noteworthy resolutions that ought also to be mentioned: Dermot, also a Venture brother, got to join-in on the Team Venture finger salute, and Shore Leave and Al got together. BOOM YUMMY!

So Rusty and his nemesis the Monarch remain their perverted and mediocre selves, which I found relieving in some capacities. They’ve both gone through a lot this season, but at heart they will always remain in a state of arrested development, and I’m not talking about Mr. Wendel here.

Though the overall feeling of this episode was one of resolution, we have obviously been left with a few things to wonder about. Is Molotov really dead? Will Hunter really take over O.S.I, and if so, where does that leave S.P.H.I.N.X.? Is Gary truly done with henching? What’s to become of Dean and Triana? Though Adult Swim has not, as far as the fan base knows, renewed VB for a 5th season, Doc and Jackson ended the episode by telling us they’d see us soon. I think that bodes well for the fate of the Ventureverse. Hearing that, plus their signature “We love you” felt better than an Action Johnny.

XOXO — Lola Wickerman

Review by Lola Wickerman, Junior Writer – The Venture Bros. Blog

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