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A Handy Guide To My Venture Brothers Obsession

venture bros monarch henchmen

I’ll admit my husband and I are completely obsessed with the animated TV show, the Venture Bros. Seems that many Venture fans show the same type of crazy devotion that we do. So, I decided to chronicle what lengths we go to be good little Venturoos. Here’s just a few silly ways the Venture Brothers has crept into our daily life.

Venture Bros. DVDs
No hardcore Venture fan is without the DVDs. But season 3 presented some choices in what type of disc to buy. Have a Blu-Ray player? Then get the Blu-Ray of season 3, complete with a CD of the awesome music from the show. But what if you don’t have a Blu-Ray player in multiple rooms? Well, buy the regular DVD version too. Yep, get both. It’s worth it, as the DVD jacket version has a bigger shot of the Venture family enjoying some old-school video games. The menu screens are also cooler. Season 4.1 is already out on DVD and on March 22 season 4.5 comes out. A Blu-Ray will also be released then. More Venture stuff to buy!

venture bros dvds

Venture Bros. Quotes
Everyone who has watched the Venture Bros with some regularity has probably yelled out an “Ignore Me!!!.” But you know you’re obsessed when you quote Doc and Jackson’s DVD commentary. Ever write a Facebook status with too many VB references for the average person? Or maybe you can have entire conversations with only Venture quotes. How about loudly calling your wife “Tenderoni” and “Pookums” in public? (in the Monarch’s voice) Other people hear this and not know what the hell you’re talking about. But that’s okay, explaining it to them is a way to spread the Venture love.

venture bros ignore me1

Venture Bros. Cosplay
In the mood for some costume aggression? Nothing says “I’m a geek!” quite like dressing up as your favorite Venture Brothers character. What makes it even better is you never dreamed you would ever want to dress up like any character from any TV show. That’s how obsessed you are. Your family and friends may start to question your sanity. You have to explain to just about everyone what Cosplay is. Read my compete account on Venture Cosplay.

molotov cocktease cosplay

Venture Bros. Home Decor
Maybe you had the sudden urge to obtain magenta bedsheets, a round bed or build a giant Floating Cocoon. You might have grown an appreciation for bad 1970’s colors and furnishing. You can always accent your swanky digs with some Venture art like a clock and DVD cover art for your walls. Don’t forget the mugs, shot glasses, and magnets all sold on Again, your friends and family may ask questions. Oh well, your abode looks Venture-tastic, so who cares!

venture bros home decor

Venture Bros. Toys
We Venture freaks clamored for figures. In 2010 we got Rusty, Dean, the Monarch, Brock and 21 and 24. Dr. Girlfriend, Hank, Phantom Limb, and Dr. Orpheus are coming this March. Nothing is better then showing off your fabulous collection of Venture themed toys to the unwillingly masses. If you dare take them out of the box, (I haven’t) you can even make your own H.E.L.P.eR drinking straw. There are also bobbleheads! One day maybe there will be Cocoon and Compound playsets. I’m still hoping for a talking Shore Leave that says “Boom Yummy!” and “Sphinx!”

venture bros toys

Venture Bros. Tattoos
Not just oblivious tattoos, like the Monarch’s symbol or the Venture logo. The best tattoo is one that only other Venture freaks can recognize and appreciate. Mine is a heart/bomb with a fuse that looks like it was stolen from Sargent Hatred. On one side is the Monarch’s wings, the other side is a tube of “Pink Poodle” lipstick. On the heart is a banner that says Love Never Blows Up and Gets Killed. See a pic of my tattoo here. I always liked the idea of fan tattoos only a hand full of people would understand.

venture bros tattoos

There’s nothing wrong being a Venture devotee and making it a huge part of your daily life. It’s fun! There’s no shame in considering giving people the silent treatment because they don’t know who Doc and Jackson are. Even if you’re alone in your Venture obsession, you can always find like-minded aficionados on the interwebs or just convert your friends. Or wear them down until they start watching the show just shut you up. Then they fall in love with it too.

Article by Jennifer Amlie, Junior Writer – The Venture Bros. Blog

Photo Credit: Ted Martens

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