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WEEP: Lay There & Drown / The Hole Remastered

weep lay there and drown the holeTwo songs originally from WEEP’s debut EP Never Ever have been remixed and remastered as a digital download only single with original cover art.

Doc Hammer: “We recorded Never Ever as a demo. We liked it enough to release it as a CD for collectors and completists, but we didn’t want it to be part of our perceived canon. But since then, we’ve discovered that we still play ‘Lay There & Drown’ and ‘The Hole’ live, and really feel they are part of WEEP’s whole thing. So we decided to put up just these two songs as a single with new artwork and make them WEEP official canon. I went back into the multi-tracks and remixed/remastered them into shape. I even rerecorded some vocal parts to give them the soft-pink punch they should’ve had in the first place.”


Lay There & Drown (digital single)
2011 | Projekt | ARC00038
Digital Only
This album is available digitally. There are no physical copies.


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