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A Valentine From WEEP – The Passion of Lovers

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Remember in grade school when you would be forced to give everyone in your class a Valentine, and by the end of the day you’d have this pile of cards all professing unflinching devotion? Well now that you’re grown up you’re lucky to get a Snickers with a Post-it attached to it reading “Here is some candy.” WEEP wants to give you that feeling of being young and swimming in friends that hardly know you by giving you all a Valentine.

Doc Hammer: “We play the song at practice and it’s like shaking hands with Zeus. Playing a song you have loved you’re whole life and just being part of the music. Feeling like you’re part of a lineage of spirit and aesthetics. It’s hard to explain. Maybe the feeling we get is best described as ‘I belong.’ ”

Similar to the original Bauhaus version, WEEP’s version takes the original’s eerie intensity and relentless drive and pushes it even further.

“We were inspired by the Bauhaus cover of Bowie’s ‘Ziggy Stardust.’ They took a kick-ass song and just gave it a little more heft and intensity. They hardly changed a thing. They just turned it up. So when we approached their song, we figured we’d do the same thing. We’d pull a Bauhaus on Bauhaus. Simply respect the song and preform it with everything we have. And if you’ve heard our other cover songs, that’s a big change for us. We usually all but rewrite the thing till it’s a WEEP song. But with ‘The Passion of Lovers’, we wanted to be a part of the song, and make sensual, connecting, yet naughty love to it?”

WEEP – The Passion of Lovers (single)

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