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New Venture Bros. Action Figures Released

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New Venture Bros. action figures released by Bif Bang Pow! Presenting a truly awesome array of never-before-made 3 3/4-inch action figures based on Adult Swim’s extremely popular animated series The Venture Bros. These fan-demanded figures are crafted of PVC plastic, feature 10 points of articulation, and come with character-specific accessories. You’ll want every one of them in your toy box or collection!

  • Never-before-made 3 3/4-inch action figures!
  • Based on Adult Swim’s animated series The Venture Bros.
  • Features 10 points of articulation and character accessory.
  • You’ll want every one of these fan-demanded Venture Bros. action figures!

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Dr. Mrs. The Monarch heads a crime empire like no other! Formerly Dr. Girlfriend, this incredibly hot villainess comes armed with an amazing costume and all the weapons and education you need to menace super-scientists all over the world.


Hank Venture dresses a little like Fred from Scooby-Doo, but he’s a born boy adventurer! Be he on a double date with his brother, playing with his band “Shallow Gravy,” or traveling through the jungles, he’s ready for anything and comes armed with a machete. “Father?” “Yes, son?” “I want to kill you.”


The ladies love Dean Venture. Maybe it’s the sweater vests, or the bad teenage facial hair. Either way, this Venture brother is being groomed for super-science– and adventure!


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Photo Credit: Bif Bang Pow!

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