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The Journal of Venture Studies Volume Two


Since the publication of JoVS Volume I in February 2013, the field of Venture Studies is burgeoning. This volume focuses on the latest developments from leading thinkers in the space. The second volume includes of scholarly Venture Bros. essays by Tim Hwang, Jeff McClelland, J.V. Krawec, Vic Harkness, Melissa Eva Martinez, and Zach Schlein. Click on the links below for in-depth treatises on sexuality in the Venture-verse, why Sgt. Hatred’s prominence is acceptable and what it means to be H.E.L.P.eR.

  • Jeff McClelland’s paper focuses on the creative pedigree of the Venture Bros, focusing on the influence of Ben Edlund through his earlier output on “The Tick” and other works.
  • “Fame Makes A Man Take Things Over”, by J.V. Krawec, explores the complex interface of music and narrative in the casting of David Bowie as the Sovereign.
  • Vic Harkness — a researcher of robotics and artificial intelligence — provides an account of the systems that underlie the Humanoid Electric Lab Partner Robot (H.E.L.P.eR).
  • Melissa Eva Martinez tackles the treatment of sexuality in the Venture Bros, and how the show breaks with traditional conventions of sexual representation in mass media generally.
  • Finally, Zach Schlein’s piece constructs an iconoclastic defense of Sgt. Hatred that the editorial staff of JoVS believes will be a enduring contribution to the literature.

» Journal of Venture Studies – Volume Two

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