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Adult Swim – Finer Things ’09 Fall Collection

adult swim finer thing collectio 1

Graduate to the life of elegance you always knew you’d attain but didn’t know would come from buying products on an internet site devoted to bizarre cartoons. Adult Swim is proud to announce the release of The Venture Bros. Finer Things ’09 Fall Collection, which include Dr. Henry Killenger neck tie, Guild of Calamitous Intent tie tack and Venture Industries cuff links. A perfect gift for the budding super scientist!

The Venture Bros. – Dr. Henry Killinger Necktie

dr henry killenger neck tieStill slipping on the same tired, limp corporate nooses every morning? Looking for something a bit more… commanding? We have just the thing to spruce up that ensemble. This striking yet distinguished Dr. Henry Killinger Tie is sure to keep that neck in check while imparting your authority to all who dare cross your path. After all, the esteemed Doctor gave Nixon his first power tie; why not let him lend you the same evil strength during every formal event on your busy schedule?

* Polyblend material
* Features Dr. Killinger skull emblem pattern
* Guaranteed to impress and shame your colleagues and associates

The Venture Bros. – Guild of Calamitous Intent Tie Tack

guile of calamitous intent tie tackAs the greatest villains already know, being evil does not mean being uncivilized. We know you shan’t permit that tie to swing around unrestrained; only first-year thieves let such things flail about all willy-nilly. Show it who’s boss by piercing through its heart with this commanding yet subtle Guild of Calamitous Intent Tie Tack. After all, silencing your own outfit’s cries for freedom is the first step towards oppressive, ruthless arch-villainy.

* Features coyly understated Guild of Calamitous Intent Crest
* Display both professionalism and Guild loyalty through a single accessory
* Only $20 when purchased with Killinger Tie

The Venture Bros. – Venture Industries Cuff Links

venture industries cuff linksNervous about pitching your latest, greatest, and most reckless war machine to those intimidating government officials? Don’t be. Charm the pants right off of them with this pair of Venture Industries Cuff Links. With these bad boys strapped to your sleeves, you’ll let everyone know that you mean straight-up business, yet still exude that vague hint of bugnuts-crazy super science that lurks just beneath your well-pressed exterior. Go get ’em, tiger… go get ’em with SCIENCE!

* Features Venture Industries logo
* Turns even the most wrinkled of dress shirts into weapons of polished professionalism
* Seriously, though, you should iron that shirt

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