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Fan Made Brock Samson Statues

brock samson fanmade statue

Before Sideshow Collectibles had Venture Bros. statues, fans were sculpting their own collectibles at home. Here are a couple of Brock Samson statues we found online. Share your Venture images with us, send us a photo link(s) via our Contact Page.

brock samson fanmade statue 02
(Top & Above Photos) Brock Samson Statue by Paul Bennett. Statue made from of Super Sculpey Firm Grey and Apoxy Sculpt. Brock stands roughly 11 inches tall on a Venture Industries logo base.

brock samson fanmade statue 04
(Above & Below Photos) Brock Samson vs. Henchmen Statue by John Suarez

brock samson fanmade statue 031
The statue was first designed in CAD by John and formed using a Sinterstation 2500+ with Aluminum filled nylon.

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