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The Venture Bunch by EpicEffect on TeeFury

epiceffect venture bros tshirt 02

For a limited time only, The Venture Bunch by epiceffect on TeeFury! This Venture Bros. inspired shirt is only $10 and is only available today! Shirt comes in black for both guy and girl shirt sizes.

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Tell us a bit about this design.
Well, it’s the story…of a man named Venture, who was bringing up two clones of his own. We actually just finished re-watching Season 3, and the character development is pretty great for a cartoon. As you see behind the curtain of the villain-hero relationship, you realize that the Venture clique and the Monarch camp are really one big, violently dysfunctional family. It’s sort of what we all secretly wish The Brady Bunch would have turned into at some point.

Where are you from?
We are from Ventura, California and San Diego, California respectively, but to most of the world they’re the same place.

What do you want TeeFury fans to know about you?
We are a geeky couple who bonded over our love of Lord of the Rings and graffiti art, hence the name. She comes up with our best concepts, and I dutifully consider myself The Hand of The Queen.

What is your favorite thing about Team Venture?
The obvious answer is Brock Samson in full berzerker mode, but deep down it is the indomitable spirit of Hank and Dean and their Kenny-like ability to respawn.


epiceffect venture bros tshirt 01

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