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Venture Bros. Season Five to Premiere in 2013

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Jackson Publick writes to Mantis-Eye with news regarding the Venture Bros. Season 5 premiere.

Things are moving briskly over here at Venture Central/AstroBase/Titmouse. The first episode just shipped to Korea. But you’re wrong about one thing–it doesn’t take nine months to animate overseas. Nine months is more like the time it takes to complete an episode from initial design to final edit, so it includes pre-production. Actually, it’s more like ten months, since we began design on the first episode the first week of the new year, and we’ll be delivering it to the network in early October. According to our schedule–and assuming we keep to it–all ten episodes will be completed and delivered by the end of January. Which is roughly when we’re supposed to premiere the fifth season.

Mantis-Eye adds that Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer will be making convention appearances at San Diego Comic-Con, Dragon*Con and New York Comic Con. There is also a possibility that the trailer for the Venture Bros. Season 5 will be revealed at these conventions.

With this production update, Jackson promises that he’ll be posting on LiveJournal new art from Season 5. Check out Jackson Publick’s blog at Publick Nuisance.

Special thanks to Mike at the Mantis-Eye Experiment for this report.

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Photo Credit: Marc Ilagan

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