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The Venture Bros. “Momma’s Boys” Episode Recap


Season five of the Venture Bros has been full of revelations. In “Momma’s Boys,” we got some more. Of course when one question is answered, it opens up a ton of new possibilities, situations, and even more questions. This episode definitely plays to the hardcore Venture fan, and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The show starts off with Rusty trying to get the boys to sleep. Dermott and Hank are busy with Shallow Gravy. Dean is once again alone in his room, except this time he’s on the phone with what seems to be a secret girlfriend. Why is Rusty in such a rush to put his teenage sons to bed? He has a secret friend of his own, named “Ted.”

Ted, according to Rusty, is some sort of ex-criminal. Rusty absolutely believes he’s building a friendship with him. The sad fact is that Ted is a Teddy Ruxpin type doll, the same one who led Rusty to believe he was kidnapped in “Every Which Way but Zeus.” Hank and Dermott have actually been pranking Rusty with the doll for some time. They call Rusty and just let him have a one way conversation with Ted. Even though the talk is about a “By Golly Gulch” and a villain named “Grumpy Bandersnatch,” Rusty has convinced himself it’s all real.


When Ted stops calling, Rusty is concerned. Hank and Dermott know they’re about to get caught. Instead of telling the truth, they decide to find the doll’s voice actor. Fortunately, Gary knows that the real Ted is locked up in an asylum for the criminally insane. Their plan consists of creating crazy alter egos in order to get sent to the asylum. From Gary donning the Viceroy bit, to Hank really hamming it up as a Latin playboy named Enrico, their plan does sort of work. However, Dermott’s ninja get-up and H.E.L.P.eR. as a crime robot only gets those two sent to jail.

At the compound, Dean’s still talking to his “girlfriend.” Rusty’s convinced that his good friend Ted needs saving and he plans a trip to By Golly Gulch with Hatred. They set off in the Hatred’s hover tank. Dean has a “date” of his own and it’s revealed his mystery girl is none other than the boys’ “mother,” Myra. Even though she was only featured heavily in one episode way back in season two, it’s hard to forget her unique brand of crazy. Myra now lives in the same asylum as Ted. She’s just as creepy and now has her own human, not feline, followers.

As predicted, Rusty and Hatred get incredibly lost. When they drive off a broken bridge, they sit in Hatred’s jeep waiting to die. Awkward confessions follow. However, nothing is quite as awkward as Myra’s interaction with Dean. Between her calling him a “collectible Deanie Baby,” and talking about her “Pink pillowy womb,” she actually seems crazier this time around. Everything comes to a head when Myra and her followers try to escape.


The last few minutes of the episode are filled with a carefully controlled chaos. Dr. Orpheus senses the Venture boys are in trouble, only to be summonsed to Dermott’s cell. He realizes Dermott must be a Venture and tells him so. Hank and Dean realize Myra’s not their mom. And it’s revealed Rusty and Hatred are actually not too far away from the asylum. Rusty starts talking about last season’s “kidnapping,” and Hatred looks like he’s going to confess. He gets cut-off, though. As the prisoners make a run for it, one stops to help them out. It’s none other than Rusty’s pal “Ted,” (actually the heavily scarred actor who voiced the bear) Hatred shuts up and Rusty still happily believes his friendship with Ted is real.

After the credits, we see the Venture family in their kitchen. Hank tells Rusty they know Myra’s not their mom. Dermott goes to leave, and when he gets to the door, he calls Rusty “dad.”

Points of Interest:

  • Hank explaining to Dermott how crazy stuff just happens to his family is great. He goes on to mention things like the season three finale and the events of the “Revenge Society” episode happening on their lawn.
  • Gary thinks that every single ink blot looks like butterflies.
  • The “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” gag.
  • Dermott can understand H.E.L.P.eR. now.
  • Rusty actually finding the Teddy doll and still believing it’s part of an elaborate plan to hurt “Ted.”
  • Hank telling Dermott that Rusty talks at people not to them.
  • If Myra isn’t their mother, then who is? While there’s been debates since season two, Rusty’s line in “I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills” (“So, I fucked her. What of it?”) seemed to be evidence that Myra was indeed their mother. We now know he just let her believe she was their mom.

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