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“O.S.I. Love You” Episode Recap


Since Brock left the Venture family at the end of season three, episodes that really feature him haven’t been plentiful. In “O.S.I. Love You,” not only does Brock take center stage, we actually see what happened to Molotov and Monstroso after season four’s spectacular car crash. In true Venture fashion, numerous plot-lines are going at once. The most surprising is the Venture family’s visit to the O.S.I hover headquarters.

The episode starts of with a flashback of “12 hours ago in the Indian Ocean.” We see Brock, Shore Leave, and other O.S.I. members spying on Molotov and Monstroso. Molostro get captured and are taken to the hoverquarters. From there, all hell appears to break loose. Not only does Monstroso and Mol seem to escape, but the Ventures are on board for a very different reason.


When happens next bounces back and forth from Brock and the O.S.I. getting grilled by a Mr. Frost (who seems to be a Cardholder/Doe replacement) to the Ventures also getting questioned. Why is the family there anyway? To deal with Hatred’s man-boobs. All the O.S.I. doctors can come up with is his condition is a bad reaction to mixing super solider serum and No-Molesto. Once again, Hank is still wearing the “Destiny” metal suit.

The Nozzle makes another appearance, and we see Mol get “nozzled.” Brock is still being questioned, and we finally learn what his first encounter with Mol was. Brock was undercover at the Olympics tracking down a villain named Siberian Husky, who happens to be Molotov’s dad. While this scene doesn’t go into great detail, it does give some insight into the very intense “relationship” Brock and Mol have had. Of course, Brock is accused of letting Molotov escape.


Slowly, the stories come together through the different questioning scenes and flashbacks. It seems Dean let them out and he’s “not sorry.” However, he’s not talking about Mol and Monstroso. As Rusty gives him a tour of the ship, Dean feels sorry for psychics who are being kept in some saline goo type filled tubs. He lets them out, causing more confusion and havoc on a ship that’s already going crazy. Shore Leave is also questioned. In his flashback, we see the O.S.I. members in all their weird glory. Their G.I. Joe inspired names are absolutely hilarious, like Bum Rush.


As we see Brock questioning Monstroso about the Guild, the vampiric Investors grab hold of Monstroso and morph him through the wall. Just like at the end of season four, it seems he’s fallen to his death once again.

Mol’s escape is a bit more complicated. An eager Hank goes off to look for Mol as Hatred tries and fails to stop him. Hank confronts her, and of course, he’s no match for her. She steals his beloved Destiny suit and takes off. Brock finds Hank on the floor only wearing what appears to be SPHINX styled Under-roos. He goes after Molotov and they have their usual sexual tension filled banter while they fight. It’s a great action sequence and even H.E.L.P.eR helps out when Brock falls off the ship. What we see next his Brock punching Mol and then throwing her and Hank’s Destiny suit into gigantic fan blades.


However, that’s not what really happened. Hunter stops the fight and informs Brock that Mol is now working for the O.S.I. This was a test and she passed. Brock is certainly annoyed and confused but does what he’s told. When the Destiny suit hits the fan, it’s completely empty. In the final moments, it’s revealed that Mr. Frost and his associates are actually the Investors in disguise. It looks like we might get some big showdown between the Guild and the O.S.I. sooner rather than later.


After the credits, we see what happens if you wear a metal strength suit for two weeks straight. Hank is super skinny and his limbs are atrophied. He should have stuck with his Batman costume.


  • Shore Leave steals every scene he’s in. He makes up “celebrity couples’ names” for Monstroso and Mol (Molostro), and we learn he’s still dating the Alchemist.
  • Dean’s just as sassy as ever. When Rusty complains about Hank’s obsession with his Batman costume, Dean replies “Only now, he doesn’t die when he jumps off the roof.”
  • David Bowie isn’t really the Sovereign? Is Monstroso lying? He does say the real Sovereign is on the cover of Diamond Dogs or Pin Ups.
  • The more action filled parts of the episode are great nods to movies like the Avengers and Minority Report.

O.S.I. has got their best homeless men and burn victims on the job.

Source: Adult Swim

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