• The Venture Bros. 'Red Means Stop' Episode

    The Venture Bros. ‘Red Means Stop’ Recap

    The season six finale of the Venture Bros, “Red Means Stop,” starts off with what looks like a chained-up man waking up in a filthy room. As the shot pans out, it becomes a clear reference to the first “Saw” movie. Another chained man stirs and they both start screaming about how they want pants. […]

  • The Venture Bros. Season 6 'A Party for Tarzan'

    The Venture Bros. ‘A Party for Tarzan’ Recap

    In this week’s episode, “A Party for Tarzan,” we get a crazy opening that starts with Dr. Mrs. the Monarch sniping Rusty from Wide Wale’s balcony. This goes right into 21 narrating the story about how he became a Monarch henchman. Way back in season one, we briefly heard that he was kidnapped as a […]

  • The Venture Bros. Season 6 - It Happening One Night

    The Venture Bros. ‘It Happening One Night’ Recap

    “It Happening One Night” starts with a “Legion of Doom” type structure rising out of the river. Inside there are 10 super villains that are unfamiliar. As an announcer goes around introducing everyone, the camera settles on Wes Warhammer. He announces that they should get Venture. At the penthouse, Brock is staring at a TV […]

  • Venture Bros Season 6 Official Poster Series

    Official Poster Set from Venture Bros. Season 6

    Is your mom bothering you about that 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition poster you have hanging behind the couch in your living room? Well we’ve got some super tasteful Venture Bros prints that you can replace that trashy junk with. Illustrated by Patrick Leger and printed on 100 lb uncoated cover stock, these 18” x […]

  • The Venture Bros. Faking Miracles Sneak Preview

    The Venture Bros. ‘Faking Miracles’ Sneak Preview

    Premiering this Sunday on Adult Swim, the Venture Bros. ‘Faking Miracles’ episode written by Jackson Publick. Check out the synopsis and sneak preview below! SYNOPSIS: Doc uncovers a mysterious invention that could make or break Dean’s college aspirations and The Monarch makes a bad first impression on Dr. Mrs. The Monarch’s co-workers. Tune in Sunday […]

  • The Venture Bros. 'Hostile Makeover' Epilogue

    Venture Bros. Season 6 ‘Hostile Makeover’ Clips

    Watch the 2-minute Sneak Peek and EPILOGUE from the Venture Bros.’Hostile Makeover’ episode. Also included are a few teaser clips from Adult Swim on Twitter. If you haven’t seen the new episode, go to Adult Swim and watch the full episode now! First 2 Minutes of the Venture Bros. ‘Hostile Makeover’ via Adult Swim The […]

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