• The Venture Bros. "Maybe No Go" Episode Recap

    The Venture Bros. ‘Maybe No Go’ Episode Recap

    In the second episode of season six, we have a lot of things happening at once. The show managed to juggle about four different storylines in “Maybe No Go.” It starts out with Pete and Billy still living in their Conjectural Technologies trailer. As Pete tries to mix mouthwash with chocolate chip cookie dough, they […]

  • The Venture Bros. Season 6 'Hostile Makeover'

    The Venture Bros. ‘Hostile Makeover’ Episode Recap

    Picking up right where they left off at the end of “All This and Gargantua-2,” the Venture compound is still in ashes. Of course, the family also inherited everything from Jonas Jr and they waste no time becoming accustomed to the life of luxury. Rusty fires every employee of Jonas’ and Hank quickly turns into […]

  • The Venture Bros. 'Hostile Makeover' Epilogue

    Venture Bros. Season 6 ‘Hostile Makeover’ Clips

    Watch the 2-minute Sneak Peek and EPILOGUE from the Venture Bros.’Hostile Makeover’ episode. Also included are a few teaser clips from Adult Swim on Twitter. If you haven’t seen the new episode, go to Adult Swim and watch the full episode now! First 2 Minutes of the Venture Bros. ‘Hostile Makeover’ via Adult Swim The […]

  • The Venture Bros. Season 6 Extended Trailer

    Venture Bros. Season 6 Extended Trailer Released

    Adult Swim has released an Extended Trailer for the Venture Bros. Season 6! Watch the trailer below! The Venture Bros. Season 6 Description: Location, Location, Location! Perfectly situated in the heart of New York City, Season 6 of The Venture Bros. is a billionaire’s dream come true, offering the discerning buyer top-of-the-line drama and panoramic […]

  • The Venture Bros. Season 6 - Character Models

    Venture Family Gets a Makeover in Venture Bros. Season 6

    The Ventures will make their triumphant return for a sixth season on Adult Swim and have landed in New York City! And with new money and a new city, comes new clothes! Released on Adult Swim’s Facebook page are character models of the Venture Family featuring updated clothes and character accessories. Character models include Hank […]

  • The Venture Bros. Season 6 Billboard by Patrick Ledger

    Venture Bros. Season 6 Promo Art by Patrick Leger

    Released online is new promotional artwork for the Venture Bros. Season 6! The billboard was conceptualized by Jackson Publick and illustrated by Patrick Leger. Billboard features the Venture family riding a New York subway car with a rogues gallery of heroes and villains next to them! Leger says the billboard is just a taste of […]

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