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The Venture Bros. ‘Red Means Stop’ Recap

The season six finale of the Venture Bros, “Red Means Stop,” starts off with what looks like a chained-up man […]

The Venture Bros. ‘A Party for Tarzan’ Recap

In this week’s episode, “A Party for Tarzan,” we get a crazy opening that starts with Dr. Mrs. the Monarch […]

The Venture Bros. Season 6 - It Happening One Night

The Venture Bros. ‘It Happening One Night’ Recap

“It Happening One Night” starts with a “Legion of Doom” type structure rising out of the river. Inside there are […]

The Venture Bros. ‘Tanks for Nuthin’ Recap

“Tanks for Nuthin” starts with the Monarch and his wife fighting over the arching rights of Dr. Venture. As she’s […]

The Venture Bros. Rapacity in Blue Recap

The Venture Bros. ‘Rapacity in Blue’ Recap

“Rapacity in Blue” starts with Rusty being woken up by a hologram of Jonas Jr. It reminds him that the […]